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This site is for the exclusive use of SAICE members. Website created and maintained by Heath Webb on behalf of SAICE YMP.

What is the SAICE YMP?

SAICE YMP refers to the South African Institution of Civil Engineering Young Members Panel. The role of the panel is to integrate young professionals into the structures of SAICE and bring about new and fresh ideas. The YMP strives to concentrate the enthusiasm and energy of our young professionals in creating an even more promising Civil Engineering Industry through SAICE.

Upcoming Events

01/08/2011              Pietermaritzburg SAICE/EsorFranki Roadshow


The Roadshow makes its next stop in East London during August. Details of this event have been made available to the relevant Academic Institutions and further information will be posted on this site at a later date. Make sure you try and attend!


02/08/2011              Durban SAICE/EsorFranki Roadshow


09/09/2011              Port Elizabeth SAICE/EsorFranki Roadshow


11/10/2011              SAICE National Awards Evening


13/10/2011              Pretoria/Johannesburg SAICE/EsorFranki Roadshow